(An extremely interesting and challenging process that needs time, patience and knowledge to bear fruit)

Is your website prominently visible on Google, Yahoo and Bing? Are the webpages well ranked i.e. on the first page cell spy of organic search result thrown by search engines)? There are millions of websites on the World Wide web but when you search for websites with a particular keyword, giant search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo throw forward the names of the biggest and the best websites, so, all the top sites are always on the first pages of search results. Why? Not all sites are user friendly or search engine optimized.

Don’t worry, helps you optimize your website using universally accepted and time tested methods to make your website appear on the first page or at the top of search result pages from Google, Yahoo and Bing. Yes, we design, develop and upgrade your website in such a way that Search Engine Crawlers or Web Spiders or Ants will love to visit your site, scan and analyse the website and slowly the domain name such as comes up at the top of any search engine’s organic search result.
How we do it? –
You must be interested to know how we do all these! Let us explain this to you step by step.
Planning –
This is most important. We can only achieve something like a High Page Rank and Heavy traffic if our planning is clear and full proof. We are very careful about planning a project. We have a dedicated team of experienced and qualified SEO Experts and Wed Developers who understands the exact need of any customer, finds various options and alternatives that fits the customer’s budget, make the customer understand the work process to implement all necessary techniques, take customer’s feedback and consent to go ahead with the plan and move to the next level of development. A good planning needs excellent communication skill to understand and make the client understand any issue and its solutions. Our customer relationship team has expertise to figure out the mission and vision of any client, prepare the project file, get approval of the client and pass on the project papers high tech spy phone to the organizing team.
The organizing team assigns dedicated SEO Experts and Web Developers and the actual work begins. They are the best people to pick up the right person for the right job! SEO Experts become busy is implementing the accepted strategies to achieve a high page rank by search engines.
Designing, Coding and Content Writing-
The designers and coder (web developers) sit together and starts working to create an user friendly as well as SEO friendly website that tells and sells your product or idea. The team of expert content writers becomes busy is writing SEO friendly and informative content using proper and pre-determined keywords following the Google’s White Hat SEO Policy. The team is always aware of

the latest SEO algorithm floated by popular search engines like Google and never tries anything evil for SEO. We believe in quality performance and reputation. We are extra careful while following an SEO strategy as if anything goes wrong, the website losses its page rank and even gets blacklisted by Search Engines. You can definitely rely on Intechnosys as the team is truly qualified and careful about what we call White Hat SEO Policy.
Testing, Adding and Editing Pages :
When the SEO friendly website is up and running, it it handed over to the testing team or to the client to test its real cell phone spy tracking software for android time performance. The site is tested extensively, designs are reviewed to fix horizontal writing paper with picture bugs, traffic is monitored, page rank and relevant keywords are checked and the process continues even after we attain our goal because it’s tough to attain a rank but it’s tougher to retain it.
Deep linking and Digital Marketing through Social Sites and Search Engines :
Deep linking takes visitors directly to a product on a web page. You don’t need to surf through all the necessary and unnecessary pages to find the product or idea. Deep linking and digital marketing through social sites and search engines or other websites needs to be done with extra care and enough brainstorming needs to happen while planning an ad campaign. Having higher impression rates is very crucial for any website to be popular and loved by popular search engines, especially those which have advertisements that either sponsor the web pages, or lead to their own pages and products. It is important to advertise or get advertisements to and from reputed websites as this affects the page rank of your site.
Tracking Visitors and Analysing Data :
This is a part of our life at Intechnosys. All our SEO Experts are very good in data and numbers and undoubtedly you can trust us as your SEO Adviser. Intechnosys has never believed in anything irrational or forecast anything without supporting data. We are outright professionals who believe in fact over fiction! Be it a website or a project team, we are very good in measuring performances.
Upgrading as per latest algorithm:
The world of technology and e-Commerce is ever changing and the smartest way to master the art of ruling the world of SEO is to remain alert and updated all the time but doing this needs immense patience, practice and learning. We know what we do and how we do. Intechnosys SEO is as dynamic as Google algorithms.
Repetition of above steps whenever required :
Delivering the best solution and after sales support is our passion. We are always ready to help you professionally anytime anywhere! We never forget our esteemed clients and always keep in touch with them with latest ideas and algorithm change alerts and any necessary changes required to counteract any new algorithm release. So, hire us to forget your SEO worries as we are expert in SEO and Digital Marketing Management. We value your expectations and success.

Regardless of your business size or location, today’s global trend shows that gaining the top position requires clever strategies and skilled expertise in your marketing campaign. Intechnosys as a Professional SEO Services Firm or SEO Company Kolkata or Best SEO Services India helps you to achieve this success. Apart from providing extensive internet marketing solutions, the professional and experienced teams at Intechnosys use the latest strategies and technologies to help you optimize your online business. We, as a SEO Company India or SEO Services India or SEO Firm India or Search Engine Optimization consultancy, are dedicated in making long-lasting relationships through quality services and an integrated approach. Intechnosys professionals consider and understand the process with priority while working on a customer’s project. Being one of the Top SEO companies in India contemplating a client’s need is a priority. Clients who have difficulties in various sections of their online business

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are guided by our team of experienced SEO experts, web analysts and market specialists who never stops without providing full solution.

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