(FREE and a powerful business promotion tool)(FREE and a powerful business promotion tool)
Facebook , the most popular Social Networking Website is fun and can be your perfect choice to promote your business. The biggest social networking site has a strong and a user-friendly API (application programming interface) that can act as a bridge connecting your business with your customers and people who liked your brand and idea. You can let the world know your online presence using this sophisticated technology offered by Facebook for FREE!

1. A good Facebook app can be very engaging if created and promoted properly. Customers will love to use the App and spend some time. A Facebook App attracts new Facebooks Fans and let your existing fans and customers think about you for a while, thus promoting your brand image and business proposals.
2. A Facebook App can be developed either as a Utility Application/Games or some kind of Interactive Forms that’s helps the Facebook App User to know and connect with your business.
3. A Facebook App establishes your strong presence a brand where your customers, employees and vendors connect with you to get and share information about your business.
4. Facebook Apps are good for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in the true sense. Google and other popular search engines indexes your Facebook Page and App which can generate potential search engine results for your business and sends huge traffic to your official website or Facebook Fan Page.
5. Developing an effective Facebook Application might not come for free but can be used regularly and extensively to promote your business among Facebook Users for free. People who will love to use your Facebook App may themselves promote it among the communities they subscribe to.
6. A Facebook App like a well maintained Facebook Fan Page helps you to connect your business and staffs to your customers and your Facebook fans.
7. A Facebook App is an economic way for your business to go social. Facebook is for all and an amazing way to stay connected and social using the internet. Facebook has an image of a social, technologically sound, dynamic, open, customer centric, secure, entertaining and engaging international brand that shares and cares. It is obvious that getting a Facebook App live on the web portal of the popular brand Facebook creates a positive impact on your business generating brand goodwill.

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