Don’t you think it will be wonderful for any customer if they can buy your product without leaving the comfort of their room or while travelling in a bus? Think! You must have heard of sites like Flipkart, Jabong and Myntra. What are they? They are online stores selling commodities online and accepting payments online as well.

It it now an upcoming social trend to shop online and to grab the attention of millions of online shoppers you need and fast, fluid and secure website that tells and sells.

If you have already decided what product to sell, just let us know your vision and the kind of look and feel that you want your online shopping website to have. From Smartphones to clothes, we design website for anything and everything.
Intechnosys helps you to pick up the right domain name or web address for the online shoppers to find you. Secure a domain name for yourself and promote your business using the internet.

Features that we ensure to embed while developing an eCommerce site for you.

Fast & Fluid Navigation: To buy a product, a shopper needs to be able to look around various corners or categories of your store swiftly. If a visitor finds it difficult for him/ her to browse through hundreds of pages of your website, he may leave your site and you lose business. A website should have well designed navigation bars that help customers sort out the product or the type of product they want. We take special care while creating any navigation bar because smart navigation system keeps the customer glued to your website. Remember, a convenient navigation bar is essential to run and maintain any eCommerce site.

We design any website that features your products and ideas and not an extraordinary design that distracts the customer. Any great design can do more harm than good by drawing attention of the viewer and not letting viewers focus on the your products. The look and feel that we give to your site is always pleasing to the viewers and highlight your products, not our expertise in art and advanced technology. Our design works just for you!

We ensure that your website features Special Offers, Deals, Sale and exclusive collections properly and that users can easily go to all the related web pages for the same. Special banners and sliders on any website’s homepage helps you to promote special offers and latest collections. Homepage banners and sliders help your customer to grab the best deals from you just by clicking on any banner. Visually attractive sliders and banners can really do wonders.

While shopping online, customers can’t really touch and feel the product, so, it is important to put high resolution and clear images along with well researched review about individual products and service.

With powering your business, your website will always be up and running. We will ensure total security for your website.

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