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If you are a mobile internet user you must have opened hundreds of WAP pages of various Social Networking sites like Facebook or Twitter or you must be doing monetary transaction securely by clicking or tapping on the small Application Software Icon or Apps that you downloaded from your bank’s official portal. But have you ever dreamt of selling your own products and ideas fast and conveniently to someone sitting inside a moving bus somewhere on the other side of the globe by launching a smart app for your own website that will enable mobile internet users to view the content of your website and transact with you securely using a mobile device like an iPhone, an Android Smartphone, a  Tablet or any Java enabled 2G/3G Mobile Phone? Your world has more internet enabled mobiles than PCs and laptops. Should you miss the opportunity to win these millions of mobile customers for your business to grow?

Every organization or any website owner wants a mobile version or an Android version or an iPhone version of their website it clearly shows that people are more interested to shop or read online articles/e-books while travelling and it is unfortunately obvious for any profitable or non-profit organization to let go business opportunities if it fails to cater to the query/need of millions of wireless clients or mobile device users across the globe? Undoubtedly, organizations like hospitals, business offices, banks, Government, Clubs, Societies and e-Commerce websites or online shopping sites need a WAP version or Mobile Application to get more and more customers or users and thus generating more revenue online.

Don’t you want your website to look and feel good when viewed using a mobile browser on the small display of any mobile device with not so fast internet connectivity? Is it not necessary for the WAP/Mobile Version of your website to function smoothly on any type of Smartphone or Mobile Phones?

Always remember, no online business can survive without launching a WAP version of their website or Mobile App that looks good, loads really fast and delivers smooth performance on Mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Symbian, Java, etc…

Intechnosys develops WAP enabled websites and Mobile Apps for organizations willing to provide their service to all the people who use mobiles and smartphones to connect to the internet, browse the web, open official webpages of various websites and transact securely using the internet. A WAP site is a mobile version of a normal website and is specially designed so that the content of your existing website is displayed perfectly on the small display of any smartphone or mobile phone or tablet. But remember that a mobile website is unlike any PC website in terms of technology, the look and the feel, so, developing an effective and user-friendly mobile website or application needs extensive research, experience and creativity.


What can an Intechnosys developed Mobile Website or an iPhone App or an Android App do for you


         Loads fast even on devices with 2G connectivity.

         Your customers can view the details of the products and services that you are offering just by clicking or tapping.

         People can view the content i.e. pictures, videos and text from the About Us webpage conveniently and fast.

         Photo Gallery supported by Flicker and Picasa

         Facebook and Twitter login and updates

         Your company’s customer database can be accessed anytime anywhere

         Videos from your YouTube account or Channel

         You can let your clients know about Events and Activities in your office.

         News, Announcement, Special Offer, Discount, Newly Launched Schemes and Business proposals can be Displayed

         Download Links, Files and Folder can be managed and maintained by your clients and staffs

         Content Information, Location, Maps and Directions can be aided by GPS for more customized view

         Feedback forms, registration form to subscribe for newsletters and other purposes

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